How it works

With our solar film, you can seamlessly integrate solar control into your architectural vision. As the sun shines, Sunphade intelligently responds, darkening the windows within minutes to reduce heat and glare. This allows occupants to work in a comfortable, well-lit environment without compromising on the stunning outside panorama. When the sun sets or the weather changes, Sunphade gradually returns the windows to their clear state, maintaining the connection to the outside world. Embrace the limitless design possibilities and create spaces that combine aesthetics, functionality, and occupant well-being with Sunphade.

Dynamic solar response

When sunlight shines on the windows, Sunphade quickly reacts to the intensity of the sun’s rays – going from a clear to darkened state all by itself.

Rapid darkening
Rapid darkening

Within minutes, Sunphade transitions from a crystal-clear state to a captivating deep grey shade which actively reduces heat and glare, enhancing indoor comfort.

Enhancing architecture

Sunphade enhances the architectural aesthetics of buildings by adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the windows allowing architects and designers to achieve their vision while optimising solar control and improving energy efficiency. 

Optimal light control
Optimal light control

Sunphade ensures a perfect balance of natural light and comfort. As the sunlight diminishes, Sunphade gradually returns to its original clarity. Allowing optimal visibility and maintaining a pleasant indoor environment.

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Easy application

Sunphade applies easily to both new and existing windows. It integrates seamlessly into the window, providing its transformative features.