Why Sunphade

Energy efficient

Save on energy costs while enjoying enhanced comfort with Sunphade. By blocking up to 66% of the sun’s energy, Sunphade reduces the need for artificial cooling, leading to significant energy savings. Enjoy consistent natural light throughout the day without worrying about soaring energy bills. With Sunphade, you can create a more sustainable and eco-friendly indoor environment without compromising on comfort.

Glare-free environment
Eliminates glare

With Sunphade’s advanced solar control technology, glare becomes a thing of the past. Say hello to a glare-free environment where you can work, relax, and enjoy your surroundings without discomfort. Sunphade’s glare-reducing solution enhances visibility and comfort in workspaces or common areas, allowing you to focus on what matters most.

Enhancing environment
Improved indoor comfort
Enhanced wellness

Sunphade enables you to enjoy outdoor views while maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere. By reducing uncomfortable temperature variations and glare, we promote an environment conducive to wellness. Enhance your overall sense of indoor comfort with Sunphade’s balance of natural light and comfort. Sunphade creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere in any space.


In addition to reducing glare, Sunphade offers UV protection to safeguard your health and belongings. Shield yourself from harmful UV rays and infrared heat while enjoying uninterrupted views and a soothing indoor ambience. With Sunphade, you can relax knowing that you’re protected from the sun’s harmful effects, allowing you to fully enjoy your indoor space.

cotseffective solution
Aesthetic freedom

Sunphade offers architects and designers the freedom to create visually stunning and functional spaces without the need for blinds or screens. By seamlessly integrating natural light and unobstructed views, Sunphade enhances the aesthetic appeal of any environment. Enjoy the perfect balance of form and function with Sunphade’s innovative solar control window film.

Easy application
Easy installation

Experience hassle-free installation with Sunphade’s solar film. Applied to your windows’ exterior, Sunphade ensures optimal adhesion and a seamless finish. With no need for electricity, cabling, or sensors, Sunphade operates exclusively on solar power, providing a convenient and cost-effective solution for your space. Plus, it’s a stylish alternative to blinds and screens, preserving your view while blocking glare.


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