For architects

the product

The invisible nano-thin ceramic film is perfect for enhancing the look of both new and existing windows. With seamless application, this film adds a touch of sophistication without compromising your window’s appearance.

The invisible hero
Design without compromise

Achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality with our revolutionary nano-thin ceramic film. Preserve architectural integrity while enjoying the benefits of solar control and privacy.

The comfort
Protection from heat and glare

Our advanced technology shields you from the sun’s intensity, ensuring a pleasant indoor environment. Enjoy the perfect balance of natural light and comfort as Sunphade effectively reduce heat and glare, allowing you to work, relax, or socialize without compromise.


Solar control at a fraction of the cost compared to modern solutions.

Keep the view

Do not let blinds and screens obstruct your beautiful landscape.

No design compromise

Preserve the natural appearance of your building.

Reduce energy consumption

Optimal indoor comfort with less sun heating.

Low maintenance

Applies directly to windows without the need for an electrician

Dynamic film
Photochromic tech

Embrace the future of window innovation with this affordable, high-performance photochromic film, adding a touch of elegance and versatility to any space. Experience the remarkable transformation as Sunphade darkens within minutes, transitioning from crystal-clear to a deep grey state. When sunlight fades away, Sunphade gracefully returns to its original clarity.